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Neighborhood Amenities

Neighborhood Amenities
Along with a great home, residents in Bentwood are also able to take advantage of the following amenities:
Community Park
  • Location: 131st Street and Nieman
  • Hours: 9am to Dusk - Year round
  • Costs: Members only. Dues must be paid.
  • Soccer, Sand Volleyball, infant Swing and Kids swings and playground
Park Rules
1. Equipment is not supervised – play at your own risk.
2. No Children under 14 without an adult attendance.
3. There will be no smoking allowed on the play equipment
4. No running or glass containers on the equipment.
5. No bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. on the equipment.
6. Clean up after yourself as a courtesy for everyone else.
7. Music volume must be kept low enough not to disturb other users.
8. No abusive or profane language will be tolerated.
9. All equipment must be treated with respect.
10. Enforcement will be done by Homes Association Solutions and the Board of Directors. They have the authority to enforce all the rules above. Violations should be reported immediately.
Swimming Pool
  • Location: Community Park at 131st Street and Nieman
  • Hours:
    • Daily - 9:00am to 10:00pm Sunday - Thursday
      • ​Friday - Saturday 9:00am to 10:00pm
  • Phone: (913) 681-8367
  • Costs: Members only. Dues must be paid.

  Pool Rules
1. Hours:  Sunday-Thursday 9am to 10pm Friday-Saturday 9am-10pm
2. No Lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk.
3. No children under 14 may attend the pool without an accompanying adult (18 years or older). Parent/guardian will be responsible and liable for the actions of those children.
4. No pets, glass containers bikes, tricycles, skate boards or chewing gum in the pool area.
5. No smoking inside the pool fence.
6. No diving.
7. No large flotation devices.
8. Swim suits required in water.  No street clothes of any kind allowed in water.
9. Swim diapers are required for all children not bathroom trained.  No disposable diapers allowed.
10. The pool gate must be closed and locked after entering or leaving.
11. Everyone must have a key.  Do not open the gate for others.
12. Guest policy - an adult homeowner host must accompany all guests.
13. The board reserves the right to limit the number of guests.
14. Music - volume must be kept low enough not to disturb others and residents.
15. No abusive or profane language will be tolerated.  Any pool guest has the right to ask you to leave.
16. Running, boisterous or rough play, excessive noise is not allowed.  The facility shall be used in such a manner not to significantly disturb or interfere with the enjoyment of the facilities by others or neighbors.
17. No intoxicated persons or alcoholic beverages will be allowed.
18. Pool furniture and equipment will not be used in any other manner than its intended use.
19 No electrical devices (other than battery operated) are allowed.
20. Violations of these rules may result in suspension of the homeowner's privileges with no allowances made to their dues.
Enforcement: will be done by Homes Association Solutions and the Board of Directors.  Violations should be reported immediately to 913-825-0001.
Loitering & Vandalism:  In the event of loitering during non-operational hours and/or acts of vandalism, please notify the Overland Park Policy Department.  Emergency dial 911, all others dial 913-895-6300.
Please return all Park equipment back to its storage area in side the Pool gate.